Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why Is The Occupy Movement Branded Anti-Capitalist? #OWS

The first headline to grab my attention this morning was "Anti-capitalist camp cleared from St Paul's."

LONDON (Reuters) - Police and bailiffs cleared an anti-capitalist camp from outside St Paul's cathedral in London early on Tuesday, ending a four-month protest which resonated with Britons angered by huge bonuses awarded to bankers during an economic slowdown.

Let me try to get this straight: If I am against corruption, against corporate interests dictating political processes and resultant outcomes--meaning I am against a system that does not even give lip service to democratic ideals--then I am an anti-capitalist.

Pondering further, capitalism is an idea often claimed as the ideal economic and social system, and believed by many to be a foundation of democracy. But as everyone knows, only semblances of capitalism have existed in the real world. The same is true of democracy. So perhaps if I desire to see less corrupt forms of capitalism and democracy in my society, then I am anti-capitalist. That makes sense to me.

It is too clear to see what's going on. Governments around the world, especially in the Middle East and the West, have become so corrupt and perverted, that anyone who stands up for change is quickly branded as being an anti-ideal, though the ideal(s) has not been realized in our world. Governments and the interests that control them care only about tightening their grip on the citizenry. My God, just look at the candidates for the Republican Party: Santorum and Romney and Gingrich are shining examples of perverted democracy.

Please read Chapter One of The Patriot Terrorist by S S_____. S's words make more and more sense with each passing day. And that is frightening.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

It Is Different Every Time

Herr Bic has been urging (pestering) me to write a post for a couple of months, but I've been reticent about revealing my ideas on markets because my thoughts on regions, countries, and currencies, sectors and specific stocks, the global economy, can change direction, turn in the opposite direction, over my afternoon martini. For example, I am long-term bullish Chinese solar companies but price action could dictate that I must be short-term bearish, making me a cursed man to any investor who was foolish enough to buy my idea without knowing when I started to sell. Even if my call was right on the money, in such a volatile sector as solar, one week or even one day can be the difference between banking a profit and getting scalped.

Last February, I made this mistake when I was a guest on an investment show. At that time, I was an analyst/strategist at a German "green" fund and was in New York for a clean-tech conference. A good friend of mine, who was my mentor in a former life when I was a journalist, is the host of the investment show and he invited me on to discuss solar for a half hour. Long term I was bullish the sector and I still am, as the technology is still in its formative stage. During the show I spoke about the market in Germany and Europe, the US, the incredible sums of money China was pumping into companies, subsidies, etc. During the last commercial break before my time as a guest would be over, my friend told me to recommend two stocks. I told him I didn't want to tout any stocks, but he was insistent and I was weak.

After the break, my friend asked me on air what stocks I was looking at and I said that I would give two names that I currently believe will move up, "but with a strong caveat: the renewable sector is incredibly volatile." My top pick was JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (NYSE: JKS), and the shares got a bit of a lift immediately after I mentioned it, and closed that day at $28.02. Two trading days later, after Jinko released its 4Q and full-year 2010 results, the shares opened at $32.07, and climbed as high as $32.21, up approximately 15% since my recommendation less than two trading days earlier.

I nailed my Jinko call and was a fool too. Why was I a fool? Though Jinko spiked just as I was certain it would, the spike was too high and raised a red flag for me, so I immediately told my colleague who was managing the fund to start selling a good chunk of our position. Jinko ended up closing that day at $28.18, and from that $32.21 high it has been dropping ever since, though the fall off a cliff didn't come for another few months. An investor who had listened to me could have made a nice chunk of change if he had “sold the news” after Jinko released its earnings, and he still could have eked out a profit if he had sold in mid-May, but if he had held to present he would be without a shirt. Jinko closed Friday at $7.81 and that is why I was a fool for naming it.

Maybe I own Jinko shares and no, I would not been holding since shares were above $28 or even above $10. I would have started building a position when Jinko struck a pose for a few days at $4.90. It would have been a small position to build upon. I might also have started positions with LDK Solar Co., Ltd. (NYSE: LDK) and ReneSola Ltd. (NYSE: SOL). And yes, I am long-term bullish Chinese solar companies, but I will never again recommend buying shares unless I could say in real-time when I was selling.

Lately, I've probably been buying shares of German banks, specifically Deutsche Bank AG (NYSE: DB) and Commerzbank (CBK.DE). I could say I've had a remarkable run with both, that I'm considering adding to my Commerzbank position if it can climb back above €2, but I won't say because it is better for a man to learn by himself. I know Herr Bic wanted to buy Deutsche Bank when it was sub-$30, but he said it looked too risky to him. All I said to him was, "Josef Ackermann."

Besides the above, what I am probably following closely is the euro/US dollar trade. My thesis continues to be that currencies rise on weakness and fall on strength, and this trend will continue until it does not. This time it is upside down but it won't always be. It is different every time, and that was one of the most difficult and costly lessons I've learned.

Before I go, I want to mention one other lesson I've learned along this path I've taken: Good traders except all the blame for poor decisions; poor traders always look to others on whom they can pin the blame, or on "unforeseeable" events. I make many mistakes and try to learn from them and to not repeat them if possible. It sounds easy, but it's not. Ego often gets in the way. That other stock I recommended on the investment show was Cree, Inc. (NASDAQ: CREE).

What can I say? Move forward.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Come On, Mr. Timothy Prudhomme, Get Fuck (the band) Together

Timothy Prudhomme, the world needs Fuck. And those are not your bongos.

Fuck (the band) Should Come Out With Some New Tunes

I miss those dudes.

On Death, Patriots, And Eating Pomegranates

This world stole a good friend of mine a few years ago. My German buddy lost his fight with cancer; it was an awful battle, long and drawn out. He wrote me an email a couple of months before he died that said, “I am not long for this world.” He was correct. Two weeks or so before his last breath, we had talked on the phone and made plans to play chess after my return from a Christmastime visit to the States. I never got those games of chess.

From health to stolen in a little over a year, and yes, I often think of him and have conversations in my head with him sometimes. At any moment, there must be millions of people around the globe holding a conversation with a dead friend or family member. My dead friend was a wise young man who, when he died, was three years younger than I am as I sit here breathing and hitting the keyboard. Maybe I bring him up because it is a gray and wet day in Frankfurt. Yes, we are inflicted with the disease of death, are carriers of death, and none of us are long for this world, and perhaps that is why so many of us seek to change this world of ours, to make it better, to somehow build a barrier between us the inevitable.

And this thought of making the world a better place leads me to S's The Patriot Terrorist and a response to it from someone on twitter. This someone tweeted:

“PS-instilling sense of pol impotence, disaffection is powerful tool, rt up there with propoganda [sic], divide and conquer tactics.”

Huh? This person is likening S's first chapter to propaganda. My, that is stepping into the land of the ridiculous, if you ask me. The previous tweet of this someone said that our tools are the US Constitution and the legal system. I surmise that our to this someone means citizens of the US.

To me, these so-called tools of the people have been turned upside down, inside out, whatever is kind of useless. One example I will point to is this make-believe right to privacy that US citizens “enjoy” for now, and specifically, the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

To witness how the Fourth Amendment is not our tool but their (they being the government) tool, I present a Supreme Court case that blew my mind when it was decided. Sure, go ahead and read the holding as narrowly as possible, but someday in the not too distant future, the clicking of your keyboard will represent the possible destruction of evidence. The US government has never been hungrier and we're all on the menu. Carefully read and contemplate KENTUCKY v . KING (563 U. S. ____ (2011).

Only the courageous Justice Ginsberg dissented, and her cogent argument is worth a few gleans.

One thing I admire about S is that he is an optimist and believes that individuals can triumph over tyranny. I, on the other hand, do not believe they can. It's too late, it's over, as far as I can see. We'll be swallowed by the inevitable, and death too.

I have yet to be pointed to an example in history where a system has changed without violence. I wish someone could point me to at least one example, but no, no one can.

And someday, while you are strolling around London, maybe you'll come upon a house with a plaque on it that says, "Benedict Arnold, Great American Patriot," or something like that. It's there somewhere. I came across it many years ago as I was wandering about London. Your patriot is my . . . you know.

Perhaps this twittering someone is more intelligent than I and is correct about S's book being equal to propaganda. I'll just keep eating pomegranates and see who ends being right.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The International Lick Your Lady's Kitty Week: Occupy Kitty Lick!

Kitty licking is going to save the world. The International Lick Your Lady's Kitty Week starts Wednesday, 29 February 2012, at 3 p.m. local time, so mark your calendars and make sure your tongues are loose.

The minds at bicANDmac.com may have below average IQs, but we've nonetheless found a solution to all the world's problems: lick kitties for a week!

Forget about Occupy Wall Street. Come on, we are all wise enough to know #OWS is not going to change a thing. #OWS is impotent because it lacks pleasure, while what we are calling Occupy Kitty Lick, has a pleasure button at its center--or slightly above center. Gratification is the means to its end, and that end is universal harmony.

It is such a simple concept. When a woman is satisfied, her man is given a long leash and can be what he naturally is, and that is a big, stupid boy.

Men would lay down their arms and pick up toys. Greedy bankers would forget about spreads (think rates) and CDSs and spend their free, non-licking time, devising Kitty-Lick-backed securities (KLBSs) to limit the risk of non-performing cunnilingus sessions. Take a moment to imagine such a world. We would once again be back in Eden.

Our demands are simple: Lick the kitty. And we can't imagine anyone not wanting to participate. Young adults, middle-aged people, the elderly, everybody around the world, of all colors, stripes, and religious beliefs.

Gentlemen, if the cats have your tongue on February, 29, then you're doing your part to bring peace to the world after thousands of years of wasting our time with strife and suffering.

As for gay men, well, chew on that bone and do your part. Lesbians, just keep doing what you're doing.

#OKL! Spread legs and spread peace!

Thank you,
stanley and craig

P.S. If we've left anything out, please let us know. This is the real “Yes we can. Oh, Yes!” And feel free to practice often before the big week.

Monday, February 13, 2012

European Death Star Will Blow Up, Greeks To Starve

Grand Moff Mario Draghi won't be able to shoot the super-laser of the European Death Star in 2014/2015 because the Rebel Alliance and derivatives will blow up the Coop Himmelb(l)au-designed structure before it's completed.

Hugh Hendry and other rebels will send derivative torpedoes into the exhaust vent of the European Death Star, or maybe into Moff Draghi's piehole, and the European Death Star will blow up and so too will Mr. Hendry and the other rebels. The European Death Star will be taken out but everybody dies.


And the Greek parliament flipped the switch on, and flipped the bird to, its people yesternight. Athens is burning and that's okay because Athenians will need more land to grow food. A package of austerity reforms, the news says. How big is this package? Would it fit in my mailbox? "Austerity!" What a word for a society to use concerning the welfare of its people. "Yeah, we're going to fook you but don't worry 'cause we up here will still be living it up. Aspire to more! You too can be Supermen."

I hope those who voted for austerity lose everything. Everything. Including their teeth and a piece of their colon.

But don't fret, you Greek people, because Moff Draghi's got it all under control. While cannibalism is sure to become a fad in Athens, as Nikos is gnawing on his great aunt's thigh bone, he can take comfort in knowing that Moff Draghi has written a big fat check to the banks. The check is as large as the second Greek bailout will be and is sure to trickle down to the cannibals at some point.

Let's root for the USD until we don't. And the European Death Star is further along than in the picture, which I took a few weeks ago--I've been lazy.