Tuesday, May 22, 2012

California Über Alles

Man, it’s great being back in Cali. Just heavenly. Poolside with Craig Mac making hash browns in the kitchen, slight breeze blowing, temp in the mid-70s, and I couldn’t care less if the market burns and a big fat No to woe is me because of Commerzbank AG (CBK.DE). I’m in paradise, man.

The only disappointment so far is that Scott’s THE PATRIOT AND A CONSPIRICIST isn’t selling more units than GM. Ha! Buy it, you lazy, cheap dogs. Expand your mind. Just kidding.

Mourning doves have nested under my parents’ patio. It’s amazing watching them. Big Daddy is currently taking care of the egg while Michelle is flying around. Huff and Puff left the nest a few days ago and Michelle and Big Daddy wasted no time getting a new batch going.

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