Sunday, March 11, 2012

Frankfurt Sells Sex And Sex Sells Frankfurt

Yes, sexus is all around us, within us, moving, shaking, and shaping our lives.

Some of us enjoy rich sex lives and some us tweet.

I had a brilliant idea the other week of exploring the world of sex in Frankfurt from the perspective of the Superwomen, the ladies involved in the world's oldest profession. Prostitution is legal in German and Frankfurt has one of the biggest red-light districts in Europe. Wouldn't a blogumentary on the Superwomen of Frankfurt be fascinating? Educational?  Have a five minutes or so video interview of one Superwoman a week, getting to know who she is and hearing her opinions on the men that visit her. My bet is that the Superwomen will say that the majority of the "clients" don't come for sex; perhaps that's going too far and I should say that I believe there is a much larger subtext sloshing around, something heavier and deeper throbbing below the sexus on the surface.

Who are these Superwomen? They won't be the stereotypes most people think of when they imagine a Superwoman. We'd find out who they are, unmask our prejudices, and test my thesis that the reason thousands upon thousands of men visit these Superwomen of Frankfurt only partly has to do with sex. Maybe I'm wrong and the Superwomen will say that it is only about sex, but I doubt it. It would be an important psychological, sociological study.

Please don't be under the impression that the blogumentary would have anything to do with pornography, because it wouldn't. No acts would be performed (in front of camera) nor would any Superwoman be naked. It would all be very scientific and tasteful, and even members of the Republican Party could tune in.

I thought that such a blogumentary was a great idea but people I've shared this idea with haven't had my enthusiasm, especially my wife. I think they fell into the trappings of stereotypes. For the sake of science it should be done.

Don't you think people should know about the Superwomen of Frankfurt?

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